Friday, March 02, 2007

Take That - The Rip Off Begins

Still seething over my Take That loss. Apparently there was some loop in the online buying system that meant that even though tickets didn't officially go on sale until 9am, some touts had been buying them earlier. Meaning that genuine fans had zero chance.

There are now (I've just looked) 949 (NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE) bastard rip-off fuckers on eBay taking the joy out of genuine Take That fans' lives for £620 a pair and upwards. What galls me, is that some desperate idiots are paying for this.

Presumably the lovely boys themselves - Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard - are seething at this injustice. But why does eBay allow it to happen? And why does Ticketmaster let people get ripped off so badly.

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that eBay allow this sort of ticket touting because the tickets sell for huge amounts of money - which consequently means that the seller will pay eBay proportionately large eBay fees for the sale, so eBay make a shed load of money out of the deal too! So I guess they would be effectively shooting themselves in the foot if they stopped the ticket touting in this way. Sad really :(