Monday, March 05, 2007

Goth Gags

Last night, on a whim,VE ended up at the Mermaid Theatre in Puddle Dock for the Laughter For Life charity event… and met Richard Madeley (who has surpassed Fern Britton as the nicest daytime TV presenter I’ve ever met, and totally eclipsed Phillip Schofield). Comedians included Dara O’Brain and Bill Bailey, who were both very good, but the highlight for me was Rob Rouse, who had a great line in Goth gags.

After sharing that his favourite summer activity was watching Goths struggling in the heat, Rob told a very funny anecdote about how he likes to hang around the bus stop outside Tesco in summer and see sweaty Goths waiting for the bus, while laden with their groceries… how mundane. And an equally amusing one about how he went to the zoo in Kent and saw a mummy and daddy Goth pushing a pram, and his desperation to see what a baby Goth looked like… and what it did look like. To backtrack – Goths in a zoo!

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