Friday, March 02, 2007

Take That - The Desperation

I'm fucking fed up with eBay ticket touts. As a genuine Take That fan I marked today in my diary last week... as the new tour tickets went on sale at 9am. I even persuaded my joyless, despot current employers to let me come in at 10 (instead of 9.30) so that I'd be by the computer, ready to buy my two tickets (for personal use, not to sell on for an outrageous profit) the second they went on sale.

Instead, I have sat here for 45 minutes, tearing my hair out as the computer keeps telling me the system is overloaded, there has been an error, there is too great a demand, there are no tickets left etc etc etc.

But guess what I saw on eBay at 9.05 - two Take That tickets on sale for £350. AND PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BIDDING ON THEM. What kind of fools are they?

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean :(

My wife and I are in the same boat; she tried phoning for tickets at the NEC for most of Friday morning, then saw them appearing on eBay for silly money.

At least there's one consolation -she's a wheelchair user and was after wheelchair-accessible tickets for the concert - which are thankfully normally of no interest to the touts anyway!

But we were still both mightily pissed off :(