Friday, March 16, 2007

"Alpha Dog" - Part Two

Well... who knew Justin Timberlake could act? Caroline and I went to a press screening of "Alpha Dog" last night, and were quite impressed by the Trousersnake and his incredibly honed body (a shame about all the tats though).

Neither of us was convinced the film would be great, and neither of us was convinced it was, but director Nick Cassavettes's attempt at recreating the true events surrounding a bunch of Californian petty drug barons who kidnap the younger brother of a debter was still quite gripping, if a little long. Coming in at two hours, Cassavettes could easily have shaved 30 minutes off because if you boiled the story down, there wasn't much there.

But Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone put in entertaining efforts, and it's always splendid to see the wonderful Harry Dean Stanton on the big screen. And Shawn Hatsoy (as the fawning mule for dealer Johnny Truelove) put in an exceptionally good effort. The biggest surprise was JT, who I'd presumed was going to be a minor character, but his sympathetic Frankie (who hides the hostage) turns out to be quite a feat.

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