Friday, March 23, 2007

Hey You (The Rock Steady Crew)

I went to see my tutor on Wednesday for a tete-a-tete re the essay and, as I arrived and unravelled myself from my iPod wires, this prompted him to ask what I was listening to. "Scritti Politti?" he asked, with a knowing smile - since the last time I went for a tutorial, we spent over an hour discussing the merits of post-punk Green Gartside. "Erm, no," I said - making a quick decision in my mind about whether to be honest about what I really had been listening to, or whether to make up something more sophisticated and suitable for a mind of great academia.

I went for the former choice.

"No," I said, "Howard Jones." My tutor blinked at me, looked surprised, and said, "It's been quite a few years since anyone admitted to listening to Howard Jones." So I assured him I could go one worse, and told him I'd previously posed to have my photo taken with Nik Kershaw - who came up to my shoulder, by the way.

The tutorial degenerated into a discussion about the merits of Musical Youth and The Rock Steady Crew (I firmly believe that "Pass The Dutchie" and "Hey You (The Rock Steady Crew)" are two of the most significant records of the 1980s - and I am fully prepared to argue this case with anyone who cares to question me), versus whether or not that has anything to do with Thatcherism and society (debatable).

I'm going to get a crappy mark, aren't I?

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