Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Alpha Dog"

I'm going to see the Justin Timberlake film "Alpha Dog" tonight. It's not out in the UK until April 20 but I've read some American reviews, which are quite mixed. Will reserve judgement, but two hours of Trousersnake fills me with trepidation. In my mind, he wouldn't look out of place in a souped up Cortina in a council estate car park in Essex. Apparently his acting is better than his 'singing' though.

I only mention this BEFORE I see the film, as my blog opportunities have been slashed what with the current employment situation and I may not get a chance to mention it again AFTER seeing the film. And tomorrow I fully hope (fingers crosed) to submit a 100% scathing attack on the loathsome habit of office employees attempting to have personalities for one day of the year in the name of Comic Relief.

But while I'm here, I'd like to say how violently opposed I am to the proposed Take That musical (a la Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You). Why would right-minded fans pay £50 for a ticket to see some immitation boybanders perform the classics, when they could cough up £10,000 for a touted ticket from a thief on eBay? Oh yes...

AND... good news, P and I are going to see the sumptuous George Michael when he opens the new Wembley Stadium. We're very excited. Less so at paying £200+£20 booking fee+£5 postage for the tickets but at least they're genuine. On which note, the BBC 'Have Your Say' section of the website had a ridiculous argument this week about the Take That eBay rip-off. It made me very angry. As lots of people who couldn't care less about seeing bands bothered to write in and say that they thought the touts were in the right for wanting to make money, and the fans were in the wrong for wanting to go and see these bands in the first place (rather than something more cultured, such as, ooh, opera, prsumably). But the REAL twats smugly sniffed, "Well, I had no problem booking tickets to my son's nativity play, I don't know what the eBay fuss is about". That made me want to smack them around the head with a wet Ronan Keating. Repeatedly.

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