Monday, February 12, 2007

Gillian McKeith Be Gone

Hurray! At last, the loathsome Gillian McKeith has been exposed for the sham witch doctor we always knew her to be. I write this with a flurry, fresh from reading The Guardian's gleeful slamming of the TV 'doctor'. Tee hee.

It was September 2004 when I was first alerted to Gillian's false credentials. I spent a month working on the launch of Reveal magazine, for which 'Dr' Gillian was then employed as their resident health columnist. And one of my colleagues (a former health journalist on one of the broadsheets) couldn't help but express his fury at the fact she had bought her credentials from an American website. So much so that every time her name was mentioned, you could almost see him frothing at the mouth. I imagine that he is currently jumping for joy, and salivating for a different reason.

Everyone who knows me is aware of my loathing and distrust of GPs who, in my experience (and, boringly, I have had ample experience), know very little about not much. Example? A friend of P's went to his GP several times recently complaining that things didn't seem right but his GP dismissed him each time. The result? Said friend is having surgery for cancer today (after ignoring GP and seeking out a proper doctor). Another example? My sister-in-law went three times to her GP saying she thought she had gall stones, but he ignored her. The result? She collapsed and was ambulanced to hospital with potentially fatal pancreatitis (caused by the gall stones having become infected since nobody took them out - which would have been a run of the mill thing).

GPs? The clue is in the name. GENERAL practitioners. McKeith may have claimed to be a nutritionist (rather than a GP) but her sham qualifications are as bad as theirs. Let's hope this is the end of her TV career.

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