Thursday, February 08, 2007

De La Soul

Last night, Big P and I went to the Camden Jazz Cafe to see De La Soul, who are in the middle of a two week residency. And they were amazing.

The support came from a Willesden fella, Doc Brown, who was really inspired. Complete with a range of excellent guest vocalists, he was a pretty fine support act for De La Soul - which is surely no mean feat.

And the boys themselves are pure, accomplished pros who seem to be having a really good time... more than that, my personal favourite - Prince Paul - returned from his many, many sidelines to join them on stage. It's difficult to find a favourite moment from a 90 minute set packed with humour, talent and damn fine beats, but I guess if forced to choose, I'd have to go for the 'cooking segment', where DLA attempted to cook (on top of a gas ring) the perfect recipe for the perfect hip hop track. That, and the encore of "A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturday".

In contrast, AB and I are going to see "The Phantom Of The Opera" tonight. Who says that life can't be varied?

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