Friday, February 02, 2007

A Week Off - Part One

It's been a quiet week on the VE blog, as I've been "working from home" (a polite way of saying "unemployed"), and I never like to spend much time infront of a computer when I'm not being paid to. But rest assured, it's been far from a quiet week in my world.

Embracing the prospect of a fortnight left to my own devices I've been doing all the things I'd like to do if only my time was my own. Highlights include:

Thanks to a free trial from Love Film, I've been watching DVDs of "My Summer Of Love" (very, very good - Paddy Considine, as always, is outstanding, and it was interesting to see "The Devil Wears Prada"'s Emily Blunt again); all three parts of the BBC's "The Line Of Beauty" (also very good - and relevant to this term's course, so, technically, homework); "Snakes On A Plane" (hilarious) and "March Of The Penguins" (heart-breaking - but how cute are the baby penguins?).

I've also been going to the gym most mornings - by far the best time to go, as when I go after work I'm generally too tired, and also eager to get home, so I don't stay longer than an hour. But in the mornings I can do a good two hours. After a week of mostly sprints and weights, this morning I attempted a 'proper run' and was excited to break my personal best for the 5k... 30 minutes. Which I'm sure is rubbish by most people's, but it's a start.

And if anyone's interested, I had a really good tutorial with my new tutor on Wednesday about my essay - which turned into a 75 minute discussion about Scritti Politti with a bit of Martin Amis thrown in. Who'd have thought it, eh? Having managed to write a coursework essay on George Michael and Wham! for my BA all those years ago, why can't I do an MA on Scritti? Have also given a lot of thought to my PHD, but I won't bore you with that now. One thing at a time.

Anyway, next week - to celebrate(!) turning 29 on Tuesday - I have planned a whole eight days worth of activities to mark the occasion: a pampering session at the Bath Spa, De La Soul at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, "Phantom Of The Opera" with AB, and all sorts of other treats. The fun starts tomorrow...

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