Monday, February 19, 2007


And I've seen some films. (I'm only adopting this approach to catch up since I've been slack - it's not a new tack).

"Little Miss Sunshine"
A heart-warmingly endearing tale of a gently eccentric family trekking across American in a camper van to get to an inappropriate beauty pagent. Most enjoyable.

"My Beautiful Launderette"
A repeat viewing of Kureishi's classic as background study for the essay. I've seen it many times and there's always something new in the downtrodden but debauched carryings on.

"The Last Of England"
Derek Jarman's anti-Thather, experimental view on society. "Tomorrow has been cancelled due to lack of interest." More essay research. Tilda Swinton is in it. Is that a good thing? Don't know.

"Once Upon A Time In The Midlands"
Shane Meadows is this country's finest young director. He has yet to make a duff film. This one's a bit of an ensemble piece now that he has a reputation, but he's always pulled in the names. Not his best work, but certainly not shit.

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