Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Peep Show"

I know it's taken me a while but it always does because I don't watch enough telly - that's why I got into 'Friends' after about five years, 'Sex And The City' just as it finished, and I do like 'Ugly Betty' but have only seen about five episodes as it's too much commitment remembering to watch it. Consequently, I'm much better at catching up with telly when it comes out on DVD and I can watch it when I want to.

The nice people at LoveFilm sent me the first series of "Peep Show" yesterday (since I've now seen two episodes of series four on normal telly and found it hilarious). And because P was watching the football in the pub, drinking beer like a proper man (grr), I ended up watching the first four episodes of "Peep Show" one after the other like a saddo (in my defence, I watch so little telly that I think I'm allowed to binge once in a while).

It's hilarious. Really funny, basic but clever humour, with a great cast - Mitchell, Webb and Olivia Coleman (who has, quite rightly, been in loads of other stuff, too). I'm sure everyone else knows the premise: two dysfunctional, mis-matched flatmates and their attempts to get girls/lives. But this is no "Men Behaving Badly" insult to the licence-payer. Instead, "Peep Show" is hilariously, stomach-crunchingly painful comedy that makes you squirm with embarassment on behalf of the characters. Brilliant. It might take me a while, but I catch up in the end.

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