Friday, May 04, 2007

Ben Fogle

Great news! Ben Fogle's official website (see link on the left) now has a 'Ben Pet' that you can download to your desktop (sadly PCs only, so that excludes me - sort it out, Ben!). You have the opportunity to stroke Ben, play with him and feed him. Quite how anyone would also get any work done is beyond me.

Friends of VE will know that Ben Fogle is my number one hero (closely followed by Tony-From-Hollyoaks). Not only does Ben save nature by washing parrots and rhinos at Longleat on BBC2, he also has a lovely posh accent, soft, fluffy hair and seems like a thoroughly topping chap. Now, Ben is urging us to use water more efficiently with a campaign through Waterwise... however, the implications of this on his ability to wash animals at Longleat is something of a worry.

He also looks exactly like P. So much so that, at the latest count, four people have (unprompted) said to me that they think P "has a touch of the Ben Fogles about him". Quite. One friend even posted me a magazine cover featuring Ben with the attached note: "I'm glad to see P is making ends meet by posing for magazine covers".

So I strongly recommend that all Fogle Fans head to and peruse the endless stream of photos of our hero in all manner of hearty pursuits... hugging tiger cubs, jumping on beaches with dogs, baby Ben, Ben's Barn, Ben as an officer... Joy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I am a huge fan of Ben Fogle too....I have just set up a forum site for Ben Fogle where people can chat and share is just few hours is lacking a is still under construction....but will be up and running is the link: if u r interested.