Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Calamity Jane"

Last night, AB, CG and I went to West Brompton to see NewBestFriendPaul in "Calamity Jane", put on by his am-dram group. And I have to say, it's rather preferable to see a musical like this for £10 than to cough up 350 to sit in some West End theatre and see a bunch of Sylvia Young brats whine out a few chorus numbers.

The venue (London Oratory Theatre) was exceptionally plush, considering it is basically a school theatre (albeit the school where Tony Blair sends his youngest), and the production quality was really high. All of the cast were great, especially the girls playing Katy and Susan... and obviously Paul was marvellous in his role in the chorus. I was bursting with pride! They put on a great show of "Calamity Jane" (complete with singing and dancing middle-aged twin ladies-in-hairpieces - wow!) and if you've got time before Saturday evening, check it out and support burgeoning London talent.

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