Friday, January 19, 2007

The Internet

P has been busy working on his website. After talking about getting one for approximately, ooh, two years, he finally got around to doing something about creating one last Sunday with his friend Edd, and yesterday I was allowed to see it. Naturally I am very proud (particularly now that the nit-picking sub in me has corrected all the typos and written him a sparkling biog for the front page). It's currently a work in progress but his photos are still marvellous.

PS: A look at Edd's site led me to exclaim with jealousy at the fact he has photographed one of my idols – Green Gartside of Scritti Politti. So, for no reason, I have added it to the top of this post.


Julian said...

I went out and bought 'White Bread Black Beer' after reading what you wrote about Scritti Politti a while ago, and jolly good it is too. So thanks!

Julian (Out of Julian & Dawn)

Velvet Empire said...

I'm mighty pleased to hear that, it's always good to spread the Scritti word. I'm also mighty pleased to hear from you - I haven't seen you in aeons. Say hi to Dawn from me. x