Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Libraries - Further Appreciation

As a reinstated geek, I have been browsing the internet for information on my new favourite location - Senate House Library, the imposing 19-storey building belonging to the University of London, of which I am an addicted library member. And I've learnt some fascinating facts about the building (pictured above) today that I'd like to share:

* It took five years to build and was completed in 1937. King George V laid the foundation stone.

* Adolf Hitler was so impressed by the building that he intended to take it over as his London HQ after his invasion of Britain.

* He wasn't alone. Oswald Mosley also thought it was a special place and wanted to move Parliament from the Houses of Commons to Senate House in the event of him taking power.

* At 210 feet high, Senate House is the second tallest building in London (after St Paul's Cathedral) - apparently this spared it being bombed in WW2 as it was a handy reference point for pilots hovering over London.

* George Orwell was so inspired by the building he used it as the location for the Ministry Of Truth in "1984".

* The gay porn film "Spyboy" features an exterior shot of the building - which it rechristens MI69.

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