Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Postcard From Kennington

An anti-blogger (and old friend from my fanzine days, so he's allowed to say what he likes - not that my approval or otherwise would stop him) writes:

"As for blogs... I think I just work on the basis that lack of outside editing is always A Bad Thing. I know that seems slightly contradictory coming from someone who publishes his own magazine and used to release records on his own label, but the economics of printing (or record-pressing) act as the editor - I can only afford 52 pages, therefore I have to make sure they're the best damn 52 pages currently on offer. Whereas with websites and blogs and MySpace, people can just fill the void with rubbish and no one tells them to stop it. That's bad. People need aesthetic policing."

Oh, hang on... there's more:

"I disapprove of your blog on the grounds that your profile includes something called Astrological Sign and something else called Zodiac Year. These are two more Bad Things."

(By the by, I hadn't realised such rubbish as my astrological nonsense had appeared on my profile, but please rest assured it has been swiftly removed. Yuk.)

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